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Walking and Trekking in the Solomon Islands

Hiking in the Solomon Islands is an adventure not to be missed. For those who want to discover the authentic Solomon Islands there is so much to discover -  raw, untouched natural beauty, rich diversity of flora and fauna and unique cultures.

There are walks to suit all fitness levels and timeframes, from half hour strolls just out of Honiara to multi day hikes across remote rainforest clad mountains.

In most cases, taking a guide or at least getting their advice is recommended. Not only will they help you navigate but you'll get the opportunity to share their remarkable knowledge of the environment and their help in arranging village stays and paying custom fees to the local property owners.

Villages and waterfalls

Walking is a great way to experience the real Solomons and provides an opportunity to visit small villages away from the main infrastructure. Some villages such as Macedonia on Guadalcanal take just a short walk to reach but are a world away in many respects. Walk through rainforest, among tangles of vines, wild flowers and brilliant red dragonflies. Others take  more effort to get to but you'll be well rewarded with a unique insight into the history and traditions including headhunting sites and skull shrines.

The topography of the islands means there are also numerous spectacular waterfall walks and some can be easily combined with a village visit. The Mataniko Falls are a popular attraction, cascading over boulders and into pools before thundering down into a hidden cave. The Borare cascades also put on a magnificent display with beautiful pools to plunge into.


Wander the striking sunlit coral atolls or follow winding trails along the edge of the rugged volcanic islands - in such an extensive archipelago, opportunities to explore the magical coastline are virtually limitless. Keep an eye out for the sparkle of blue kingfishers, hornbills and megapodes nestled into the undergrowth.

A multi day tour of the Gatokae Weather Coast is one of many stunning trips showcasing the Solomon's remote rugged coastal scenery, little known valleys and unique headhunting history, kastom sites and stories.

Mountains and volcanoes

The Solomons include some surprisingly mountainous terrain including active and extinct volcanoes. The adventurous may be able to take a tour up to the old lava flows on Tinakula, the Solomon Island's most active volcano. Uninhabited and very remote, it's an unforgettable experience.

The majestic peak of Kolombangara in the Western Province is another perfect cone-shaped volcano and well worth the climb. A long steep trek will take you up into cloud forest with impressive views and remarkable rainforest vegetation, sustainably managed by the local community.

Similar spectacular views are available from Mt Mariu, on Gatokae Island in New Georgia, looking down over the exquisite Marovo Lagoon. Walking through the low altitude mossy cloud forest can be both eerie and utterly sublime.