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About the Solomon Islands - The Happy Isles


Looking for information about the Solomon Islands? Located between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu is an archipelago of 992 magical islands - the Happy Isles.

This virtually untouched archipelago is a beautiful destination with something to suit everyone. Whether it’s diving, relaxation, surfing, fishing, trekking or maybe you’re a history buff – you’re sure to find somewhere in the Solomon Islands to suit. And the great news is that they’re still relatively undiscovered so the Solomons are perfect if you’re looking to get off the beaten track.

Your gateway to the Solomon Islands is likely to be the international airport in the capital - Honiara. You may be surprised to see the rugged, mountainous rainforest covered island on descent. From Honiara, it’s easy to connect to 20 domestic airports or maybe you’ll join a liveaboard to sail through the islands instead.

There are 9 main island groups in the Solomon Islands and they were of significant importance during World War II. The remnants of the fierce campaign for control of Guadalcanal are now above and below the water, providing travellers with exciting hiking opportunities and a paradise for wreck divers.

We don’t have high-rise hotels, international hotels, fast-food chains or luxury shopping in the Solomons. What we do have is an island paradise with crystal-clear water, a slower pace of life and the opportunity to reconnect with nature and the people around you. We are a bit ‘off the beaten track’ so ideally suited to the eco-traveller who likes clean and comfortable accommodation without too much fuss.

The climate is tropical with an average temperature of around 27 degrees. June, July & August are slightly cooler and the wet season is from November until April. English is the official language of the Solomon Islands but there are many different languages spoken – Pijin is the most widely used.

There’s also lots of information on the Tourism Solomons website.

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