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Solomon Islands Tour Options

Known as the hidden gem of the South Pacific, the Solomon Islands offer sun, surf and sand, along with world-class diving, WWII history and charming locals. A short international flight from New Zealand and Australia, it’s the perfect tropical getaway. Here we share the best Honiara, Gizo and Munda day tours. 

Into the Blue - Diving Tours

The Solomon Islands are known for their unique diving experiences, with stunning coral and many world-renowned diving locations. Whether you’re a first timer, or experienced scuba diver, there are activities for anyone who loves being under the sea.

Described as being one of the best diving sites in the world, Munda is an underwater paradise. Located on the southern coast of New Georgia Island, in the Western Province, the pristine waters are filled with sea life. Divers with all levels of experience can look forward to seeing reef sharks, tuna, barracuda, seahorses, manta rays and much more. The peaceful village of Munda is a short flight from Honiara and known for its friendly locals.

Also in the Western Province is Gizo. Visitors can be transported to nearby reefs and WWII shipwrecks for unforgettable underwater expeditions. Local dive operators offer a range of dives, led by experienced guides in small groups, departing from Gizo regularly.

For those who would prefer to snorkel, there is a range of special day tours from Gizo. Visitors can swim and snorkel freely around Njari Island, enjoy lunch and then see the spectacular Grand Central Station dive site, known for its huge variety and concentration of colourful fish life.

If you’re looking for a day tour from Honiara, head to Tulagi for a diving adventure you won’t forget. Local diving and boat operators can organise your trip, including transfers, dive courses for those learning, or equipment and tours for more experienced divers.  Closer to Honiara there are a number of shipwrecks that make impressive dive sites, including the wrecks of Sasako Maru, USS Serpens and Azumasan Maru. For more information you can visit Tourism Solomons.

WWII Tours

The Solomon Islands were caught between the USA and Japanese forces during World War II, which means there are iconic historical sites across the islands and shipwrecks galore.

If you’re not keen on venturing underwater to view these pieces of history, there are plenty of tours above water for those interested. 

From the Solomon Islands’ capital city, Honiara, you can choose to take a number of guided WWII tours or explore some local landmarks yourself. The Guadalcanal Memorial, a short taxi ride from the town centre, is a tribute to US soldiers and has views of Honiara. On Mt Austin stands the Solomon Peace Memorial, created by the Japanese. If you travel a little further out of Honiara, you can visit the Vilu War Museum. Here there are American, Australian, Japanese and New Zealand war relics.

For those who are more adventurous, there are historical WWII tours by boat, with the chance to explore Tulagi Island for the day. On the boat journey you’ll see historical WWII sites from above the water, before reaching the magical destination. Tulagi is like stepping back in time to a tropical paradise. 

Into the Wild - Wildlife and Nature Tours

Thanks to the untouched natural world of the Solomon Islands, there is an abundance of wildlife throughout the South Pacific nation. If you’re a bird watcher, wildlife enthusiast, or simply want to see some rare species in their habitat, there are a number of nature tours in the Solomon Islands.

Be prepared for an adventure as the tours involve hiking, exploring off the beaten track and sometimes travelling in small boats to island hop.

Gizo is the perfect starting point for bird watchers and is home to the Splendid White-eye, also known as Gizo White-eye. From Gizo you can hop on a boat to visit islands including Kolombangara or Ranonga, known for their unique birdlife.

For more information and assistance with your guided nature tours, you can visit Tourism Solomons.

The Perfect Catch - Fishing Tours

The Solomon Islands are known for their pristine waters, filled with spectacular marine life. It also means the ultimate fishing experience!

Local businesses and hotels offer a range of day trips from Honiara, including private fishing charters, where they will take care of everything. Private boat hire is also available, so you can find where the fish are biting yourself.

If you’re looking to head out from Gizo, there are a number of fishing hotspots, where you’ll find Bluefin Trevally, Giant trevally and Spanish mackerel.  Local operators offer fishing charters and information on how to reel in that perfect catch.

For the trip of a lifetime, book your Solomon Islands adventure now!


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