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Trekking, Walking & Hiking in the Solomon Islands

Trekking in the Solomon Islands is an adventure not to be missed. We have something to suit every fitness level and timeframe – from a short stroll along marked trails to a multi-day guided hike through remote jungle.

We recommend taking a guide for most walks in the Solomons. Our beautiful islands are off the beaten track and a guide will be able to navigate you on the best trails and will be up to date on trail conditions. They can also organise village stays and facilitate any fees that need to be paid to local property owners.



From Honiara, one of the most well-known hikes is to Mataniko Falls. The Manatiko River was key in the Battle of Guadalcanal and you may see lots of remnants from WWII along this track. It takes about 2 hours to reach the falls and you need to be reasonably fit for this walk. There are some great swimming holes once you get there and there are also lots of caves to explore. Floating back to the village may be an option depending on the river level.

About 20km from Honiara near Vura Village, the Borare Cascades are gorgeous.  The hike is about 1 hour from where you can park your car and you’ll be rewarded with a rocky waterfall that flows into a long series of beautiful pools where you can spend the day swimming.



One of the most stunning walks in the Solomon Islands is the Gatokae Weather Coast. On this 3-day and 2-night hike, accessible from Seghe, you’ll see the most stunning remote and rugged landscape. You’ll see 2900-foot mountains that plunge into the water, mountain valleys as well as waterfalls and kastom sites. Each night you’ll stay in a village where you can learn about the headhunting history and village life.  And for some of the walk you’ll have front row seats to the spectacular sight of night-time lava fireworks if the submarine volcano - Kavachi - is erupting (from a safe distance of course!).

Fly with Solomon Airlines  from Honiara to Seghe in Marovo Lagoon and then take a boat transfer.


Mountains and volcanoes

The Solomons are surprisingly mountainous and we have both active and extinct volcanoes.  

Mt Mariu is a 3-day and 2-night trek, accessible from Seghe, through gardens and rainforests before climbing 2,400 feet to see spectacular views over the gorgeous Marovo Lagoon. Walking through the mossy cloud forest can be both eerie and sublime. This is a strenuous walk that requires a high level of fitness and is best avoided from mid-June through to mid-October due to weather.

Solomon Airlines can fly you from Honiara to Seghe and then transfer by boat to your accommodation.

For the more adventurous, Tinakula is the most active volcano in the Solomons. This volcano is in a very remote part of the Solomons and you may be able to have the unforgettable experience of climbing the old lava flows. We have 2 flights a week from Honiara to Santa Cruz.

Kolombangara in the Western Province is an almost perfectly round volcano 15 km in diameter accessible from Gizo. The name roughly translates to ‘water lord’ and references the rainfall that the island receives. You’ll walk through jungle and rainforest and if it rains, rivers will appear in front of your eyes! The local communities on the island can provide you with expert guides. Solomon Airlines has flights to Gizo and then you can take a local fast boat to Ringgi. 


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