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Makira Province

The Makira province is one of the more isolated islands in the Solomons – and is situated to the east of Guadalcanal.

There are remote caves in its inaccessible inland that are said to be inhabited by Kakamora – the ‘leprechauns of the Pacific’ – a race of natives who stand less than a metre tall.

Be sure to visit Santa Ana Island, Santa Catalina Island and the Three Sisters Island for beautiful arts and crafts.

Some cultural practices are unique to Makira and Ulawa – like ancient fishing methods, crocodile wrestling and the shark hole underneath a church altar at Suholo village in Ulawa.

A highlight of this area is the island’s annual land crab harvest – it’s a must see.

Provincial capital: KiraKira
Population: 31,006
Airport: Ngorangora (IRA) serves Kira Kira, Santa Ana (NNB), Arona (RNA) serves Ulawa Island
Seaports: Kira Kira is the main port and there are other village ports around the islands.