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Wildlife - Animals in the Solomon Islands


The Solomon Islands are ideal for wildlife lovers. With so many animals above and below the water, we have a wildlife adventure to suit everyone.


Underwater residents

We have an amazing underwater world for you to discover in the Solomons. The water is crystal clear and the landscape is some of the most diverse in the world. Some of the residents you might find if you are snorkelling, diving, canoeing or just enjoying our islands are:

  • Pygmy seahorses
  • Black snapper
  • Sailfish
  • Leatherback, loggerhead and green turtles
  • Grey, black tip, white tip and silvertip reef sharks
  • Giant trevally
  • Manta rays
  • Spotted eagle rays
  • Tuna
  • Barracuda
  • Bumphead parrotfish
  • Nudibranchs
  • Green moray eels


If you happen to be in Choiseul Province near Rob Roy Island or Taro Island, you may be lucky enough to see the endangered dugong. Choiseul Province is also an important breeding ground for the loggerhead turtle.

In recent years, the critically endangered Hawksbill turtles in the Solomons were discovered to be biofluorescent displaying hues of red and green. If you would like to see these amazing turtles, Munda is the perfect base and we have daily flights from Honiara.



There are more than 70 birds that are endemic to the Solomon Islands and you can choose to go on your own discovery tour or join a birding tour. Birds are abundant in the Solomons because of the traditional way of life most Solomon Islanders live and the lack of tourists. The Central Province area of the Solomons is where you might see the ultramarine kingfisher, Solomons cockatoo or the midget flowerpecker.

Further south on the island of Rennell you might see the Rennell fantail, the beautiful Rennell Shrikebill and many other birds that can only be found on this island. Santa Isabel has some of the most spectacular birds in the Solomons such as the Solomons Frogmouth and the Fearful Owl.

There are so many unique birds to the Solomons that it is impossible to name them all. You will see large flocks of parrots, pigeons and of course our famous frigate bird, otherwise known as Belama.


Other Animals

The Solomons are also home to fifteen bat species including 3 critically endangered fruit bats: Bougainville monkey-faced bat, Guadalcanal monkey-faced bat and the montane monkey-faced bat. We also have many frog and lizard species. 


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