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Important Travel Advice Identification - Domestic Flights within Solomon Islands

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Baggage Information

All Solomon Airlines customers receive free cabin and checked baggage allowances as detailed below.  Excess baggage rates will apply if you exceed your allowance.   

Please read all information about our baggage rules and our unaccompanied baggage service here. Note that even if your baggage meets the below requirements, we may refuse to carry it if it's not properly and securely packed.

If your journey is ticketed with another airline, different baggage rules may apply, check your e-ticket itinerary for details.  


Separate Ticket Policy

When you are travelling on two or more separate tickets, Solomon Airlines will not through-check you or your  bags to your final destination on the second (separate) ticket.  You and your bags will be checked-in from your point of origin to your destination on your ticket with your IE flights. 

Note: you will always need to collect your bags and clear immigration on your first entry into a country, regardless if you are checked through to a domestic destination.

If you hold a second ticket on another airline beyond the destination on your first ticket, Solomon Airlines will check you and your bags to the destination on your first ticket. 

Please note: If you are travelling from the Solomon Islands to Brisbane and connecting to another international flight which is on a separate ticket, you must collect your bag in Brisbane, complete immigration formalities and then check-in for your next flight. We cannot through-check your bags. Please ensure you leave enough time to complete these formalities and obtain any transit visas you may need. 

If you have multiple flights all on a single ticket number from your origin to your destination, we will check your baggage to your final destination. 

For example: 

    WIll I be through-checked? 
Ticket 1

IE flight Honiara to Brisbane

QF flight Brisbane to Sydney 

Yes - to Sydney
Ticket 1 

IE flight Honiara to Brisbane

NZ flight Brisbane to Auckland

Yes - to Auckland

Ticket 1

Ticket 2

IE flight Honiara to Brisbane

QF flight Brisbane to Sydney

No - to Brisbane only

Ticket 1 

Ticket 2

IE flight Honiara to Brisbane

NZ flight Brisbane to Auckland

No - to Brisbane only 


Cabin Baggage Allowances


Allowance *

Max dimensions

    Domestic Flights



    International Economy



    International Business




• All cabin baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in an overhead locker, including musical instruments.

• Adults travelling with infants are entitled to take an additional 7kg cabin baggage free of charge for essential baby products, such as baby milk, food, wipes etc.  

• If the total baggage carried by one passenger exceeds the allowance, some or all items must be checked-in as hold baggage and included in the free checked baggage allowance.  

• The allowance can be made of:

  1. Two briefcases or small bags; OR 
  2. One briefcase / small bag plus one suit pack / garment bag (60 cm x 114 cm x 11 cm).

• Following items may be carried in cabin in addition to the 7kg allowance: 

  1. Laptops in a thin case. 
  2. A handbag, pocket book or purse, which is appropriate to normal travelling dress and is not being used as a container for the transportation of articles which would otherwise be regarded as baggage. 
  3. An overcoat, wrap or blanket. 
  4. An umbrella (excluding umbrellas with metal points) or walking stick. 
  5. A small camera and/or a pair of binoculars. 
  6. A reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight. 
  7. Infant food for consumption in flight. 
  8. A pair of crutches and/or prosthetic device for the passenger’s use provided that the passenger is dependent upon them.


Checked Baggage Allowances

  Allowance Belama Club Members Belama Plus
International Economy 30 kg 40 kg 50 kg
International Business 40 kg 50 kg 60 kg
Domestic Economy 16 kg 16 kg 16 kg

No single item of checked baggage can exceed 32kg

Infants:  Adults travelling with an infant are entitled to carry the following items for free in addition to their checked allowance: portable cots, prams/strollers and car seats/baby capsules.

Children are entitled to the same baggage allowances as adults. If a child checks in a car seat/booster seat, it will be included in their baggage allowance (ie. it will not be carried free of charge).  

International baggage allowances apply if you have a connection between a domestic and an international flight both operated by Solomon Airlines and booked in a single ticket. This is not applicable to passengers connecting via a different carrier.

Excess Baggage

Below excess baggage charges apply for checked baggage exceeding the above stated allowances.

Valid for Solomon Airlines operated flights only. For codeshare rates, refer to the operating carrier.  

International - prior to day of departure (prepaid)

Route Charge per kilo Route Charge per kilo
Brisbane to Honiara AUD16.00 Honiara to Brisbane SBD70.00
Brisbane to Munda (direct) AUD16.00 Honiara to Port Vila SBD35.00
Nadi to Honiara FJD16.00 Honiara to Nadi SBD45.00
Port Vila to Honiara VUV500.00 Honiara to Auckland SBD80.00
Auckland to Honiara NZD16.00 Honiara to Port Moresby SBD96.00
Port Moresby to Honiara PGK40.00 Auckland to Port Vila       NZD16.00
Port Vila to Auckland VUV500.00    

International - travel on day of departure

Route Charge per kilo Route Charge per kilo
Brisbane to Honiara AUD20.00 Honiara to Brisbane SBD90.00
Brisbane to Munda (direct) AUD20.00 Honiara to Port Vila SBD45.00
Nadi to Honiara FJD20.00 Honiara to Nadi SBD60.00
Port Vila to Honiara VUV650.00 Honiara to Auckland SBD100.00
Auckland to Honiara NZD20.00 Honiara to Port Moresby SBD120.00
Port Moresby to Honiara PGK50.00 Auckland to Port Vila      NZD16.00
Port Vila to Auckland VUV650.00    


Route Charge per kilo   Route Charge per kilo
Honiara to Afutara SBD 15.00   Honaira to Marau SBD 14.00
Honiara to Arona SBD 20.00   Honiara to Manaoba SBD 17.00
Honiara to Atoifi SBD 15.00   Honiara to Mono SBD 33.00
Honiara to Auki SBD 14.00   Honiara to Munda SBD 24.00
Honiara to Ballalae SBD 33.00   Honiara to Parasi SBD 17.00
Honiara to Bellona SBD 20.00   Honiara to Ramata SBD 23.00
Honiara to Choiseul Bay SBD 32.00   Honiara to Rennell SBD 20.00
Honiara to Fera SBD 17.00   Honiara to Santa Ana SBD 23.00
Honiara to Gizo SBD 27.00   Honiara to Santa Cruz SBD 38.00
Honiara to Kagau SBD 26.00   Honiara to Seghe SBD 21.00
Honiara to KiraKira SBD 20.00   Honiara to Suavanao SBD 21.00
Honiara to Lomlom SBD 41.00      
Munda to Honiara SBD 24.00   Munda to Seghe SBD 14.00
Munda to Gizo SBD 12.00   Munda to Suavanao SBD 18.00


Note: Above excess charge rates are correct as of 28 August 2023 but subject to change without notice.

Click here to view our Prepaid Excess Baggage Terms & Conditions 

Sporting Items

Customers carrying sporting equipment are entitled to an additional 7kg of checked baggage allowance on Solomon Airlines operated flights.  Sporting equipment includes, but is not limited to:  Surfboards; Scuba diving equipment; Golf clubs; Bicycles, etc.   


Bicycles must be suitably packed in a bike box. Bike boxes must be properly and securely packed.   Before bicycles can be accepted they must be packed with:

  • tyres deflated
  • pedals removed
  • handle bars fixed parallel to the frame
  • the front wheel removed and fixed beside the rear wheel, inside the bike box, if the bicycles length exceeds 140cm (55in).

Scuba diving gear

You can check in the following items on Solomon Airlines operated services:

  • face mask, snorkel and fins (pair)
  • harness and safety vest
  • knife and spear gun
  • regulator and pressure gauge
  • tank and weight belt.

Knives must be carried in checked baggage. Spear guns must be unloaded with spears packed separately. Flares, incendiary or explosive spearheads will not be accepted at all in checked or cabin baggage. Compressed air or gas tanks will only be accepted if empty and regulator tap is open.


To carry a surfboard as baggage, fins must be removed where possible and placed in an enclosed compartment or taped to the board. At check-in, you’ll need to attach a fragile tag to the bag and you must complete and sign the limited release portion of the baggage tag.

Only accepted if enclosed in a surfboard bag and does not exceed 32kg in weight and 277cm in length on international flights.  If travelling on domestic aircraft, maximum surfboard bag dimensions must not exceed 200cm.

Musical Instruments

Small musical instruments may be carried onboard as cabin baggage provided that each instrument does not exceed dimensions of 85cm x 34cm x 23cm (total linear dimensions 142cm). As an example, many violins fit within these dimensions, while most guitars do not.

An instrument replaces one piece of the customer’s cabin baggage (equivalent to a piece with total linear dimensions of 105cm), and the weight counts toward the guest’s 7kg total carry-on allowance.

Please measure your musical instrument before arriving at the airport to confirm whether it can be taken as cabin baggage. It is recommended that you board the aircraft promptly to stow your instrument in an overhead locker.

Larger musical instruments (exceeding dimensions of 85cm x 34cm x 23cm) are not allocated an additional baggage allowance and are managed as follows:

  • The weight of the musical instrument counts towards the total baggage allowance weight of the customer.  
  • Any musical instrument over 32kg must be sent as Cargo.  

  • Guests who wish to travel with a cello or guitar in the cabin must purchase an additional seat. For further information please contact Solomon Airlines Reservations.  

Seafood, Meat and Frozen Products

Seafood/meat/frozen products can be accepted as checked baggage when packed in the following way:

  • Solid plastic or fibreglass Eskies or Styrofoam boxes with lids. Note: Soft-sided cooler bags and cardboard boxes are NOT permitted.
  • Products must be sealed in watertight plastic bags or sealable containers.
  • Wet ice must be packed separately from frozen products, in sealed watertight plastic bags or sealable containers, e.g. frozen water bottles.
  • The total weight of each container, including contents, must not exceed 20kg each. Containers weighing more than 20kg must be referred to Freight.

Live seafood cannot be carried as checked baggage. Contact Cargo if you wish to transport live seafood.

Packing your baggage

All contents of your baggage must be packed securely and appropriately. Do not pack valuables, essential medication or important documents in your checked baggage.  

Each item of checked baggage must be labelled with your name, address and contact details. We recommend that you lock your baggage. However, it may be necessary for governments, airports or their contractors to open and inspect your baggage as part of the security screening process. If your baggage is locked, and you aren't present when it's necessary to open it, the lock may be broken by security screeners.

Acceptance of your baggage is subject to compliance with our:

Note that even if your baggage meets the above requirements, we may refuse to carry it if it's not properly and securely packed. Finally, remember that no single item of checked baggage can exceed 32kg and all cabin baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in an overhead locker, including musical instruments.

Warning against Khapra Beetle for travellers to Australia

Commencing 15th October 2020, high-risk plant products will not be permitted entry into Australia. This means you may no longer pack these goods in your luggage when travelling to Australia. Instead, we encourage you to buy these goods from Australian suppliers who have either sourced their goods locally or imported them through commercial channels. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the destruction of the goods upon arrival in Australia.

This includes: Rice, Chickpeas, Cucurbit seed, Cumin seed, Safflower seed, Bean seed, Soybean, Mung beans, cowpeas, Lentils, Wheat, Coriander seed, Celery seed, Peanuts, Dried chillies/capsicum, Faba bean, Pigeon Pea, Pea seed, Fennel seed. Click here for further details

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