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An Emerging Eco-tourism Destination

Intrepid travellers all-around the globe are on a continuous quest to discover the undiscovered ahead of the masses. As the lesser known jewel of the Pacific, the Solomon Islands is one such emerging destination that can fulfill their needs.

Easily accessed from Australia by a three-hour flight, the Solomon Islands promise an under explored tropical paradise. The country has what one would expect of a South Pacific paradise: brilliant beaches, world class scuba diving, and surfing, fresh fruit, and seafood. However, it is what the Solomons don’t have which makes it truly unique.

It doesn’t have high rise beachfront apartments, or international resorts with four pools and a kids club, nor does it have luxury brand shops and homogenised fast food chains. In fact our version of luxury is much more unconventional.

Instead, it is a land greatly untouched by commercialisation. The landscape is of vast contrasts – from mighty volcanoes, mist-clad rainforests and jungles to dark lagoons, waterfalls and breath-taking coral reefs. Scattered amongst this diversity are remnants of World War II; tanks, ships, and aircraft eerily unmoved from where they fell. This is what makes the Solomons so genuinely special – the history on display is incredible.

The Solomon Island holidays offer unlimited options for hiking, fishing, sea kayaking and dolphin watching. The diving options are regarded as some of the best in the world thanks to such high visibility and masses of fish.

And then there are the people. A melting pot of culture, the Solomons are home to a small but growing population who welcome you with open hearts.

Travellers should be well prepared – this is truly “off the beaten track”. However what the Solomon Islands may lack in tourism infrastructure it makes up for with a collection of rustic yet clean and comfortable resorts perfect for the eco-traveler, all with a warm local welcome. Travel between islands is possible by ferry, but this doesn’t match the astoundingly beautiful views from flying with us.


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