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Solomon Islands Holidays - one of the best South Pacific destinations

Planning the ultimate tropical vacation? Look no further than the Solomon Islands, where every visitor feels “welkam” as soon as they land in this South Pacific paradise. With untouched beaches, colourful marine life, a fascinating history and friendly locals, the Solomon Islands tick all the boxes for an unforgettable holiday. It really is the perfect destination for a family trip, couples retreat or solo adventure. 

Family Fun

The Solomon Islands are where you’ll make family memories that last a lifetime. Whether you’re traveling with young children, teens or a group, there is so much to see and do.

If you have a large group and want to keep things simple, Honiara is the place for you.  There are a number of family friendly hotels in the Solomon Islands’ capital city, perfect as a base in between your many adventures. Many offer comfortable accommodation for the whole family and stunning views of the lagoon, known as Iron Bottom Sound.

There are a number of group friendly activities while enjoying your stay in the South Pacific, with swimming and snorkeling at nearby Bonegi Beach top of the list. You can hire equipment, or join a tour, with local Honiara based operators. Your kids may even be interested in WWII history once they see all the shipwrecks and war relics scattered in and above the waters around Honiara.  

If you are all looking for some above ground activities, there are plenty of options. The whole family can visit a local Melanesian village, or how about the Guadalcanal Memorial for a little more history, or the local food markets located just near the Heritage Park Hotel.

If you’re looking to venture out of Honiara and experience more of the Solomon Islands, island hop to Gizo or Munda. Both are short flights from Honiara (don’t forget to get a window seat to see the amazing views from your Solomon Airlines flight). Both Gizo and Munda are known for their pristine waters, filled with marine life, coral and unlimited water activities. 

No matter what you do, the whole family will experience the warmth of Solomon Island locals and beauty of the South Pacific during your holiday. 

Romantic Escape

Known as one of the most romantic places on the planet, grab that special someone for a getaway you won’t forget. From the crystal clear waters, abundance of sea life, sandy beaches and breathtaking sunsets, the Solomon Islands are what dreams are made of.

If you’re looking for romance or the luxury of privacy, there are a number of private islands scattered across the Solomon Islands. Guadalcanal Province is home to some gems, including a resort where The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka William and Kate) stayed on a visit to the Solomon Islands. If it’s good enough for royalty!

Another magical location is Gizo, located in the Western Province. A short boat ride from Gizo Harbour and you’ll find popular resorts and private cottages that offer authentic tropical island holidays. All these locations revolve around the ocean – think fishing, swimming, scuba diving, surfing, boating and lots of delicious seafood. 

Solo Adventure

With friendly locals at every turn and enough activities to last the whole trip, you’ll forget you’re traveling alone.

From scuba diving around historical WWII shipwrecks, discovering untouched beaches, surfing new breaks or climbing through jungles, a trip to the Solomon Islands is guaranteed to be the solo adventure of a lifetime!

If you’re looking for a taste of ‘busy’ island life, WWII history and local markets to kick-start your trip, then make sure you visit the nation’s capital Honiara.

For those who are all about adventure, Gizo should be your next stop. From here you can travel to nearby islands, scuba dive at iconic dive sites and meet other travellers enjoying the crystal waters and island time.

Part of the charm of the Solomon Islands is the friendly locals and authentic villages. Munda, located in Western Province and Kagata Village, in Santa Isabel Province, do not only offer world-class diving, but are described as ‘back to basics island living’. Visitors can experience life in a local village – catching their own seafood dinner, diving and snorkeling and lazing under coconut palms. It’s a place to slow down, unwind and appreciate Solomon Island living.

To experience the beauty of the South Pacific and create memories to last a lifetime, book your Solomon Islands holiday now!


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