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Destination Guide - Things to Do in the Solomon Islands


We love our home and we hope you will too.  You may not know much about the Solomon Islands (aka The Happy Isles) so we’d love to show you around. There’s information here to find an activity (or not!), plenty of things to do, and lots of amazing destinations to choose from. And the best news is we’re only 3 hours from Brisbane, Australia.

There are so many reasons to make the Solomons your next holiday destination but here are some of our favourites:

1. It’s unspoilt  

Picture surf breaks and coral reefs. How about your own deserted beach? Make your friends jealous with your photos of white sand, turquoise water and diving spots that are second to none.  Better yet, bring them along for a holiday! We aren’t on the tourist trail yet so make the most of this undiscovered paradise.


2. Discover our fascinating history

The famous Battle of Guadalcanal (aka Operation Watchtower for the history buffs) took place in the Solomon Islands in World War II.  The Solomon Island coast watchers helped stop the Japanese invasion of the Pacific. There are many relics both above and below the water for you to discover.


3. An Eco-tourist’s paradise

If you’re looking to stay somewhere off the beaten track, we have just the spot. There are many eco-tourism friendly properties where you can get back to basics and enjoy your natural surroundings. You won’t find any luxury 5-star properties here but how does a bungalow overlooking your own lagoon sound?


4. Immerse yourself in unique cultural experiences

Travel in a dug-out canoe. Go fishing and cook up your catch. Visit the Central Market to meet local vendors.  Learn to speak Pijin with the locals. Discover unique art and jewellery like a shell money necklace. Attend a local festival like the Wagosia Festival or the Lagoon Festival to see how the islanders celebrate their diverse local culture.


5. Diving & snorkelling

Dive and snorkel in one of the most unspoilt and unique spots on the planet. In a dive you may see a hammerhead, eagle ray, pygmy seahorse and a WWII tank! The diving is diverse and the reefs are in pristine condition. Dive operators in the Solomon Islands are also passionate about protecting the environment and supporting local communities.


6. Surfing

Who knew you could surf in the Solomons? It’s still a secret spot so you can enjoy uncrowded waves in crystal clear water. Come and explore our surf breaks where no one will drop in on your wave. 


7. Fishing

The fishing is amazing in the Solomons. Whether you prefer fishing from the beach, in an estuary or you like the challenge of a sail fish we’ve got you covered. The local guides know all the best spots.


8. Relaxed pace of life

Life today is hectic! The Solomon Islands are the perfect place to recharge the batteries, reconnect with friends and family or have a romantic getaway. It’s a simpler life in the Solomons. Whether you want to just swing in a hammock and read your book, go for a dip in a crystal-clear lagoon or something more active like diving or surfing, we have something for everyone. Our Islands are true luxury with a difference. Whatever option you choose, we can guarantee you will be relaxed and recharged when you leave paradise and return to real life.