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Domestic Freight Rates

Our domestic freight services operate from Honiara to Choiseul Bay, Ballalae, Gizo, Munda, Kagau, Ramata, Seghe, Suavanao, Fera, Auki, Atoifi, Arona, Santa Ana, Kirakira, Santa Cruz, Rennell, Bellona and Marau. Freight items must be presented open for inspection and resealed once approved. Baggage will also be subject to inspection prior check-in. We can advise on any questions you may have.

All rates are quoted in SBD.

Honiara (HIR)

To Rate To Rate To Rate
    Gizo $20.00 Munda $18.00
Arona $14.00 Kagau $19.00 Parasi $12.00
Atoifi $11.00 Kirakira $15.00 Ramata $17.00
Auki $11.00 Lomlom $31.00 Rennell $15.00
Ballalae $25.00 Marau $11.00 Santa Ana $17.00
Bellona $14.00 Manaoba $13.00 Santa Cruz $29.00
Choiseul Bay $24.00 Mono $25.00 Seghe $16.00
Fera $12.00     Suavanao $16.00


Auki (AKS)

To Rate
Atoifi $10.00
Kirakira $15.00
Manaoba $10.00
Marau $12.00
Parasi $12.00
Fera $12.00


Bellona (BNY)

To Rate
Rennell $10.00


Choiseul (CHY)

To Rate
Gizo $13.00
Kagau $12.00
Mono $11.00
Munda $14.00
Seghe $16.00
Ballalae $10.00


Seghe (EGM)

To Rate
Kagau $12.00
Ramata $10.00
Suavanao $12.00
Ballalae $17.00
Mono $17.00


Gizo (GZO)

To Rate
Kagau $11.00
Mono $13.00
Munda $10.00
Ramata $10.00
Seghe $11.00
Ballalae $13.00


Kirakira (IRA)

To Rate
Lomlom $23.00
Marau $12.00
Santa Ana $10.00
Santa Cruz $22.00


Munda (MUA)

To Rate
Ramata $10.00
Seghe $10.00
Suavanao $13.00
Ballalae $14.00
Kagau $11.00
Mono $14.00


Suavanao (VAO)

To Rate
Ramata $10.00
Fera $11.00
Kagau $12.00


NOTE: The rates are correct as at 13 August 2021 and are subject to change without notice.

Terms & Conditions - Cargo Carriage

  1. The minimum freight charge is SBD$50.00
  2. A document processing fee of SBD$15.00 applies. This fee is chargeable per consignment.
  3. Freight Collect is NOT permitted on our Domestic network.
  4. All consignments must be lodged at a minimum of 2 hours before flight departure.
  5. The maximum weight per individual package is 35 kg.
  6. All perishables and frozen/chilled consignments must be booked 24 hours in advance
  7. All frozen/chilled consignments are charged at 125% of the normal cargo rate
  8. All live consignments are charged at 150% of the normal cargo rate
  9. All incoming perishables and frozen/chilled consignments stored at our facility will be charged handling fees at SBD$0.50 per kilogram per day. The minimum charge is SBD$10.00
  10. All incoming dry goods consignment will have 48 hours of free storage, thereafter a fee of SBD$20.00 per day applies.
  11. All dangerous goods are subject to Dangerous Goods Regulations prior to carriage.
  12. A Dangerous Goods Fee of SBD$200 applies per dangerous good(s) consignment.
  13. All deliveries done within the region of Honiara are charged at SBD$50.00 per consignment.