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Western Province

The Western province is made up of 11 main islands, including New Georgia, Vella Lavella, Kolombangara, Rendova, Ranongga, Vangunu and Shortlands.

Dubbed Solomon Islands' tourism mecca, the province boasts magnificent aerial views of verdant islands and azure lagoons; perfect underwater visibility makes the west an excellent dive destination, teeming with marine life and corals

Fierce battles during WWII left behind wrecks that are 'must-dive' sites now, like the Toa Maru in Kololuka and the Grand Central Station near Gizo. Kennedy Island, named after JF Kenndery is about 10 minutes by speed boat from Gizo.

Kavachi - the underwater submarine volcano offers a rare display of nature at work and the massive Marovo Lagoon is a proposed World Heritage Site

Eco-lodges dot Marovo and Vonavona Lagoons, once home to the dreaded head-hunters of the province. Skull shrines can still be found in the region. These bodies of clam water are great fishing spots as well.

Vella Lavella is - like Savo Island in the Central Province - home to Megapode birds.

Provincial capital: Gizo
Population: 62,739
Airports: Gizo (GZO), Munda (MUA), Seghe (EGM), Ramata (RBV), Gatokae (GTA), Balalae (BAS) in the Shortland Islands
Seaport: Noro and Gizo are the main sea ports in the Western Province.