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Important Travel Advice Identification - Domestic Flights within Solomon Islands

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Santa Cruz, Temotu Province

With nine provinces, six larger islands and several hundred smaller ones, getting around the Solomon Islands might seem daunting at first. We fly to over 20 destinations with the Solomons, so we’re sure to be able to get you close to your destination. Contact us if you need assistance.

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Santa Cruz, Temotu Province

Santa Cruz Island Airport, also called Graciosa Bay Airport or Luova Airport, is located in the vicinity of Santa Cruz Island in Solomon Islands (Solomons). SCZ airport. The airport has scheduled flights provided by Solomon Airlines, using DASH8 & DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft. Flights to this airport are on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Airport Name:

Santa Cruz Airport (SCZ)




Twin otter (DH6)

Aircraft Transfer:

Airport transfers are available through prior arrangement.


21,362 (estimated census 2009)

Main Industry:

The main industries for Santa Cruz are marine fishing activities and root crops.

Health Care:

Main Lata Hospital is located in the town's capital and accessible by truck or 30 minutes by boat.


Royal Solomon Islands Police in Santa Cruz - Phone (+677) 23666.

Main Transport:

Main transport options include a boat or by vehicle on Lata itself.


There are no taxis in Santa Cruz.


Internet Services are available through PF Net.

Mobile phones:

Mobile phones and SIM cards are available from the Telekom office in Lata.


No ATM banks at Santa Cruz. BSP agent and Go Money is available.

Tours and Activities

Reef Island Hopping

Reef Island Hopping

Stunning lagoons brimming with marine life, game fishing hotspots, stretches of reef, remote islands sprinkled with deserted beaches, crystalline caves, and many picturesque villages. Snorkel off the shore or for the more adventurous, explore the outer reefs and other fascinating islands by motorised canoe.

Reef Islander Life

Reef Islander Life

Enjoy the pleasure of fishing, scuba diving, bird watching, canoeing, shell collecting or exploring the fascinating cultures in the local villages. Inter-island sailing using traditional craft called the tepuke enabled Reef Islanders to trade with larger islands. Learn about the local traditions or sit under the waving palms reading a book.


Tinakula Volcano

Tinakula Volcano

North of Nendo Island and 50 km to the west of the Reef Island group is the dormant volcano, Tinakula. Rising 2000ft from the ocean, the first recorded eruption of the volcano was in 1595 when Álvaro de Mendaña sailed past it. Periodic eruptions from the volcano are visible from the Reef Islands, and excursions are possible with a motorised boat.


Ngarando Island

Ngarando Island

Escape from the hustle and bustle and explore Pigeon Island. There are basic units at the property that accommodate 6 guests in total. Experience islands hardly explored by tourism and amazing, authentic cultural encounters, reef islands, pristine waterways, marine life and white sandy beaches.

Lata Family Transit Lodge

Lata Family Transit Lodge

Located in the heart of Lata Town Station, just a 3-minute walk from Santa Cruz Airport, Lata Transit Family Lodge, offers simple comfort and convenience close to shops, Lata Wharf, and the hospital. Each Standard Unit has a double and single bed, with shared facilities including a kitchen, common room, toilet, and shower. Tours can be organised including to Tinakula Volcano.

Rotary Lodge

Rotary Lodge

Centrally located just 2 minutes walk from Santa Cruz Airport, Rotary Lodge offers homestay accommodation with a choice of Self-contained ensuite or Standard room. Use of all communal facilities including kitchen, laundry and bathroom is included and tours can be arranged for Tinakula Volcano, snorkelling, and other sightseeing and adventure activities in the area.

Lata Travellers Motel

Lata Travellers Motel

Located in Lata Station, just 5 minutes walk from Santa Cruz Airport, Lata Travellers Motel offers a welcome home to Temotu following a long flight with Self-contained units, shared self-catering kitchen facilities, and outdoor leaf huts. Local tours and sightseeing are available on arrival with local shops and market in close proximity.

Hibiscus Lodge

Hibiscus Lodge

Just a 3-minute drive from Santa Cruz Airport, Hibiscus Lodge is well-located in Lata Town, offering daily housekeeping and both Air-conditioned and Standard room options. Guests have access to shared kitchen, laundry, and bathroom facilities, and activities can be organised including sightseeing at Nembo and Luovo, village walk and Tinakula Volcano adventures.