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Important Travel Advice Identification - Domestic Flights within Solomon Islands

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Choiseul Province

With nine provinces, six larger islands and several hundred smaller ones, getting around the Solomon Islands might seem daunting at first. We fly to over 20 destinations with the Solomons, so we’re sure to be able to get you close to your destination. Contact us if you need assistance.

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One large island measuring 3294 squared kilometres is an adventurer's haven.

The province's main attraction is its virgin, untouched natural wonders, like nesting sands for the endangered Hawksbill turtles and whales have also been sighted in the surrounding waters. Choiseul is home to rare pottery and weaving.

This Solomon Islands province also boasts the highest number of sites declared marine-protected area. These sites are naturally rich in marine biodiversity that needs to be preserved. The flora and fauna are both charactistic of Australia and New Guinea.

The biggest mammal is the endangered dugong, a sea cow which lives in the waters near Rob Roy and Taro Island. The known birds in the Choiseul province are the Sanford's Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus sanfordi), the Pacific Black Duck (Anas superciliosa), and the Eastern Reef Egret (Egretta sacra).

Until the beginning of the 20th century, it was the only habitat of the now extinct Choiseul Crested Pigeon (Microgoura meeki). Choiseul is also an important breeding place for the Loggerhead sea turle (Caretta caretta).

Provincial capital: Taro
Airport: Taro, Choiseul Bay (CHY), Kagau (KGE)
Seaport: Selected points around the island