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Solomon Islands for Families and Groups

The Solomon Islands are a great place for families to travel to. Community, family and children are very important to Solomon Islanders and your family will feel at home in the Solomons.

It is important to understand that the Solomon Islands are a unique and developing part of the world that are off the beaten track. Sometimes things don’t go to plan so please consider the travel needs of your family when thinking about travelling to the Solomons. That being said, if you are happy to go with the flow and embrace island life, your family will have a diverse travel experience that will not be easily forgotten.


Family-friendly accommodation

In Honiara, some hotels have pool areas that will be popular with the kids. When you get out of the city you’ll find many island resorts, eco-lodges and guesthouses to suit your budget and your family. Some have family bungalows on the waters edge with spacious verandas and others have self-contained apartments that may suit your family better.

Whatever option you choose, you’re guaranteed to unwind from city life and enjoy quality family time. 



Whether you are an active family who likes lots of adventures or your family just wants to chill out and enjoy a beach holiday, we’ve got activities to suit.

You’ll love the snorkelling and swimming that is literally on your doorstep. The kids will love seeing the fish and turtles and they may even see a dolphin! It’s a great opportunity for them to learn about their natural environment and see the most pristine reefs in crystal clear water. And you might also like to get out on the water and try to land a fish or maybe try some kayaking.

On land, there are walking trails and historical sites that are great for families to explore. From WWII history and WWII artefacts to beautiful jungle walks the kids will have lots of fun discovering our islands. Some resorts offer a guided night-time coconut crab walk which is always a highlight.

And depending where you stay, there is likely to be a village nearby where the local children are always keen to make new friends.


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