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Diving in the Solomon Islands

Diving opportunities in the Solomon Islands are world class.

The islands are diveable all year round but conditions between April and November, outside the rainy season, are best. Visibility on the sea floor can exceed 40m. Water temperatures typically vary between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius and the diving is suitable for all levels, from novices to experts.

Diving in the Solomons is particularly unique for its combination of pristine submarine landscapes with extraordinarily diverse marine life, the absence of crowds and the incredible array of diveable World War II relics.

Dive amongst manta rays, sharks, batfish, turtles, giant clams, pygmy seahorses and clownfish. Watch barracuda and jack spiral up to the sun, glide through colourful gardens of sponges and corals and explore eerie passages and spectacular drop-offs. In 2013, a survey identified 279 fish species in one area, in one dive.

The WWII wrecks are a huge diving attraction. The Solomons were the setting for a pivotal point in WWII in the South Pacific and many diveable relics remain strewn across the sea floor. Iron Bottom Sound derived its name from the nearly 900 ships and aircraft sunk within it. This is a unique opportunity to explore oil tankers, navy destroyers, aircraft and submarines, from both the Japanese and Allied forces.

Diving is available on a number of live-aboard cruise vessels based in Honiara. They provide a comfortable base from which to enjoy everything the islands have to offer. Being right there and cruising overnight means more dive time.

There are also several idyllic island dive resorts to choose from where you can watch the reef sharks as you eat breakfast or laze on the deck of your private bungalow before heading out for a day of underwater adventure.