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Strong interest as tourism partners celebrate 'Iumi Tugeda' for World Tourism Day

Posted on October 04, 2021 at 09:00 AM in Solomon Islands Tourism

International visitors may be scarce in the Solomon Islands at the moment but interest in what the tourism sector achieves for the country – and particularly emergent career opportunities  - is very high judging by the large numbers of people who turned out for the ‘Iumi Tugeda’ World Tourism Day on Friday.

This included more than 50 students who attended the event staged this year at the Solomon Islands National University School of Tourism & Hospitality Grounds. 

A collaboration between Tourism Solomons, the Ministry of Culture & Tourism (MCT), Solomon Airlines, the National Association of Inbound Tour Operators (NAOITO), Solomon Islands National University (SINU), and tourism operators, the main message behind the event was to demonstrate the importance of tourism to the Solomon Islands and the national economy, and the career opportunities it represents to young people looking to secure employment in the sector.

As in previous years, Tourism Solomons and MCT, Solomon Airlines, NAOITO, the tourism operators set up information booths on the campus with each organisation giving an hour-long presentation to attendees.

Dignitaries in attendance on the day included MCT Permanent Secretary, Andrew Nihopara;    SINU Vice-Chancellor (Acting ) Dr. Jack Maebuta; SINU Dean (Acting) of Faculty of Business and Tourism Mr. Jerry Siota; MCT Acting Deputy Director of Tourism, Greg Autaá; SINU Head of School Business Silas Qopu, and SINU Head of School of Tourism  Simon Bisafo.

Tourism Solomons Head of Sales & Marketing, Fiona Teama said it was extremely gratifying to see many students attend the event.

“Tourism is now a major economic pillar for our country,” Ms. Teama said.

“While many of our traditional sources of foreign exchange are in ‘sunset mode’ the tourism industry is highly sustainable.

“We know going forward, a tourism-centered environment is one which for many of our young people will be beneficial in terms of related-educational opportunity and beyond to actual employment in our tourism industry.”

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