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Duty Free Allowances

International to international transit passengers may be subject to additional airport security screening at the point of transfer. All duty free liquids, aerosols and gels may be confiscated if it surpasses maximum limitation and packing requirements. These restrictions may be subject to change without notice.









New Zealand








Alcoholic Beverages


2.25 litres (over 18 years)



2.25 litres of liquor of 4.5 litres of wine or beer (over 17 years)


4.5 litres of wine or; 4.5 litres of beer; 3 bottles (or other containers) each containing not more than 1125ml of spirits, Liquer or other spirituous beverages (over 17 years).


2 litres of wine or spirits



1.5 litres of spirits and 2 litres of wine

Tobacco, cigarettes or cigars


250 cigarettes, or 250 grams of tobacco or cigars (18 yrs+)


250 cigarettes or 250 grams of cigars or a combination of tobacco products not exceeding 250 grams (17 yrs+)

200 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco or 50 cigars or an assortment of these to a total weight of 250 grams (17 yrs+)


200 cigarettes or 250g of cigars or 225g of tobacco

200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco

Duty Free Inflight Sales


More information will be available soon.