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Australia and Solomon Islands Travel Advice

The information on this page is a guide only and subject to change as regulations and restrictions change.

Passengers can book tickets through our Honiara Travel Centre via phone (+677) 20152 or email [email protected], or through our Brisbane Sales Office via phone (+61) 07 38605883 or email [email protected].

Passengers holding valid unused Solomon Airlines tickets can use these as credit towards available flights and any fare or tax difference will need to be paid. 

Please note that limited seats are available on all repatriation flights in accordance with Solomon Islands Government directives and we can not guarantee any availability on any flight services at this time.

Countries have strict entry and quarantine requirements in place for all travellers. Guests are requested to ensure they understand and comply with these. Some requirements are listed below, however, it remains the responsibility of travellers to ensure they satisfy all requirements of the destination country.

View our currently scheduled repatriation flights here.

View the latest Solomon Islands Travel Advisory here

If your required flight is not available, register your interest with us using our Unscheduled Expression of Interest Form.

Advice for travel to the Solomon Islands


Passport Validity Requirements

For foreign nationals, your passport must have at least 6 months validity beyond your intended stay.

Country Eligibility 

Entry to the Solomon Islands is currently restricted effective from 29 July 2021 in accordance with the latest Travel Advisory.

View our currently scheduled repatriation flights here.

COVID-19 PCR Testing and Vaccination Requirements

Three COVID-19 PCR negative test results are required:

  • First Test - 17-21 days before arrival - results to be sent to [email protected]
  • Second Test - 10-14 days before arrival - results to be sent with your Pre-Departure Form to [email protected]
  • Third Test -  72 hours before arrival into the Solomon Islands - results to be sent to [email protected]

All foreign nationals must also have completed their COVID-19 vaccination at least 4 weeks prior to departure in order to be eligible to travel. Where two vaccination doses are required to complete vaccination, this period commences following completion of the second dose. Please note entry is subject to final approval by the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services and Incident Controller following receipt of test results and required pre-departure forms.

Mandatory Pre-Departure Forms

If you are an Australian citizen or resident you will require permission to leave Australia. Request permission here.

All passengers are required to complete a Pre-Departure Questionnaire and Instructions on Conduct form. These forms are required to be completed, signed, and emailed to [email protected] at least 5 days prior to departure.

These health entry requirements are strict. It is important that you keep a hard copy of the above documents for inspection on arrival if required by the health authorities.

All passengers are also required to complete a Pre-Departure Checklist, which needs to be completed, signed, and emailed to [email protected] at least 1 day prior to departure. 

Solomon Islands Prime Minister's Office Approval

All foreign nationals require Prime Minister's Office Approval regardless of their resident or work status. The exemption can only be granted by the Prime Minister and is the first step into the process of entering the country. The final step is fulfilling all the mandatory health requirements before any approval is granted.

For the COVID Oversight Committee to consider your situation, please address a letter to the Chairperson of the COVID Committee and state your reasons to enter Solomon Islands. The address is: Mr James Remobatu, Chairperson, COVID-19 Oversight Committee, PO Box G1, Honiara.‚Äč

The application is to be emailed and each entry to the country will require a separate application. Applications will be subject to an SBD$1,000 fee unless you fall under exemption categories. Refer to Solomon Islands Travel Advisory 18 (19 April 2021) for requirements.

Pay your own Quarantine Options

Hotel quarantine will be determined from the risk assessments conducted by the National Health Emergency Operations Centre. A hotel will be allocated by Solomon Islands Government. You are advised to contact [email protected] well ahead of time if you wish to seek guidance on this. Passengers from the same household will be allocated to the same room on arrival as there is limited availability.

Day of Departure Conditions

You must have completed all of the above requirements including completion and delivery of the Pre-Departure Checklist 24 hours prior to departure.

All of these requirements are mandatory and the passenger's responsibility in order to be able to board an international flight to Solomon Islands.

If any of these requirements are not completed, then boarding will be denied and no-show conditions will apply.

You will be required to wear a face mask at all times on the flight. 

One complimentary Wellness Pack including an N95 face mask and sanitising wipes will be provided prior to boarding.

Catering will be limited to reduce contact between crew and passengers.

For information on disembarkation procedures at Honiara click here.


Advice for travel from the Solomon Islands to Australia


Australia Travel Declaration

Travellers should complete the Australia Travel Declaration and need to be aware of the following:

  • Information about the Australia Travel Declaration and a link to the declaration is available on the Department of Home Affairs website

  • Once you have submitted your declaration, you will receive a confirmation email from ‘AU- Health Aero [email protected]

  • Complete the Australia Travel Declaration a minimum of 72 hours before your departure for Australia. Any later may cause delays.

  • If you do not complete the Australia Travel Declaration you may not be able to board the flight.

  • Once you have completed the Declaration, you will receive an email with details to be shown (either electronically or printed) to our airline staff prior to boarding. Only flight crew and diplomats are exempt from completing the Declaration.

Australia Travel Declaration Mobile Application

A new mobile app for the Australia Travel Declaration (ATD) to assist travellers with completing their declaration has been introduced.

  • What is the Australia Travel Declaration app?

The ATD app is a new channel that can be used by travellers to complete their travel declaration prior to travelling to Australia. The app uses the advanced software capabilities of mobile devices to improve the declaration process for travellers.

  •  Who can use the Australia Travel Declaration app?

The ATD app is available for all travellers entering Australia. Click here for the current COVID-19 border restrictions.

  • Do I need to pay for the Australia Travel Declaration app?

No. You do not have to pay for the Australia Travel Declaration app — it is free.

  • Where do I find the Australia Travel Declaration app?

The Australia Travel Declaration app can be downloaded free, from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play store (Android).

  • Does the Australia Travel Declaration app change the process for travellers to complete a declaration?

The ATD app collects the same information as the existing Australia Travel Declaration web form but takes advantage of technical capabilities available on mobile devices. The process is simple and uses the technology to pre-populate some of the information the declaration requires.

  • Does the Australia Travel Declaration app change how travellers are notified of the outcome of the travel declaration?

No.  The notification of the Australia Travel Declaration outcome does not change. Assessment of the travel declaration is the same for the Australia Travel Declaration app as it is for the Australia Travel Declaration web form. The outcome of the travel declaration will be emailed to the address provided by the traveller and stored in their Australia Travel Declaration account. A traveller is able to log into their Australia Travel Declaration account via the web or the ATD app and will see any declarations they completed using the app. It does not replace the existing Australia Travel Declaration web form.

  • Can an agent or other person help a traveller complete their Australia Travel Declaration using the app?

The introduction of the Australia Travel Declaration app does not change any of the existing rules about who should complete the travel declaration for a traveller. The process to complete a travel declaration is straight forward and travellers should not need assistance. Parents should complete a declaration for any child under 15 years of age. Anyone who is 15 years old and over should complete their own declaration.

  • Does the Australia Travel Declaration app allow me to travel to Australia?

Completion of an Australia Travel Declaration is expected of all travellers to Australia; however the traveller must meet all other entry criteria for Australia. This includes being a citizen or a visa/travel authority holder as well as having an exemption to enter Australia. Check to determine your eligibility to come to Australia during the current COVID-19 restrictions.

  • Does the completion of an Australia Travel Declaration mean I do not need to get an exemption to travel to Australia?

You cannot come to Australia unless you are exempt from Australia’s travel restrictions and have a valid visa. Check Travel restrictions | COVID-19 and the border to determine your eligibility for an exemption. Completion of an Australia Travel Declaration does not mean you have been considered for or granted an exemption to travel to Australia.

  • Should I get an exemption before completing my Australia Travel Declaration?

Yes. Travellers are expected to complete their Australia Travel Declaration between 7 days and 72 hours prior to their travel to Australia. All travellers should get an exemption to travel to Australia prior to completing their Australia Travel Declaration.

  • Where do I get help if I am having problems using the app?

In the ATD app there is help available on fields as well as a ‘contact us’ section within the Australia Travel Declaration account.

For more information on the Australia Travel Declaration app click here

Exemption Requirements

Only Australian citizens and returning permanent residents and their immediate family members are permitted to enter Australia without an exemption until further notice.

  • Travellers who meet exemption criteria or have a compelling reason to enter Australia can apply for an exemption
  • For information on exemption categories, application form, and documentation required, see the Department of Home Affairs website
  • Make your application at least four weeks but not more than three months in advance of travel and provide full supporting documentation
  • Foreign nationals transiting through Australia to another country don’t need to apply for an exemption to travel restrictions if they are booked on a connecting flight from the same airport and they are not going to leave the airport. If you do plan to leave the airport before boarding your connecting flight, submit a travel exemption application to the Commissioner of the Australia Border Force.

QLD International Arrivals Registration

All international passengers must complete a Queensland International Arrivals Registration form 72 hours in advance of their arrival.

State and Territory Quarantine Requirements 

If you cannot remain in the airport before your connecting flight departs, you must follow the quarantine and isolation requirements in the state or territory you have arrived in, even if you have an exemption from the Australia Border Force Commissioner. State and territory authorities will consider exemptions to the mandatory 14 day quarantine period on a case by case basis.

Information on exemptions to the 14 day mandatory quarantine period can be found here

Click here for Queensland Government advice.

Click here for New South Wales Government advice.

COVID Testing and Quarantine Arrangements

Solomon Islands is exempt from pre-departure testing requirements in Australia. Testing will be conducted by QLD Health whilst you are in quarantine. Passengers must wear masks throughout international flights and airports.

All international travellers entering Australia need to undertake a mandatory 14-day quarantine at their port of arrival. This is arranged by individual State and Territory governments. Click here for Australian Government Information for International Travellers.

Queensland have introduced charges for mandatory quarantine and other requirements (testing and screening) for all arriving travellers:

Transiting Australia

The Department of Home Affairs website sets out information on transiting Australia, including on transit visas, irrespective of how long your transit is. 

You are able to transit through Australia if transiting for 8 hours or less and you have evidence of onward international travel and if a visa is not required (please refer to the Department of Home Affairs website). If your transit is 8-72 hours you will need to request a 771 transit visa. Any stay over 72 hours is possible only if you are an Australian citizen, permanent resident or you have an exemption to enter the country.

Additional Information

Please do not hesitate to contact our Reservations or Sales Offices.