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Flights from Honiara to Auki

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Auki is the provincial capital of Malaita Province, Solomon Islands. It is situated on the northern end of Langa Langa Lagoon on the North-West coast of Malaita Island. It is one of the largest provincial towns in Solomon Islands. The flight to the local airport Gwaunaru’u in Auki takes roughly 30 minutes departing from Honiara. Auki in Malaita offer a travellers a completely unique experience including unspoilt culture, unique shell money making, village life and the natural smiles of the Solomon Islanders, many of them blonde. There is a market in Auki which brings the locals from various community together, selling local food parcels, fruit and vegetables, local shell money, woven leucine basket and fresh caught fish. Auki has Hospital known as Kilufi, BSP and ANZ bank branch and offers a range of shops from mini supermarket, restaurants, fish shop and hot bread kitchen providing convenient amenities.

Flights to Auki depart from Honiara (30 minutes flight).