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Flights from Brisbane to Suavanao

Suavanao is located on the longest Island in the Solomons in the Isabel Province and approximately 1 hour flight departing from Honiara. Suavanao Airport provides a fast connection to Papatura Island Resort, Vavaghio Surf Camp, Kagata Village Home Stay and the Arnarvon Marine Conservation Area where you can see the nesting ground for critically endangered Hawksbill sea turtles. Suavanao is a place where you can surf in warm water amongst stunning tropical scenery, sunshine, epic waves, and feel like you have the water all to yourself. If you’re in Suavanao you will fall asleep to the naturals sound of the jungle and wake up with the sunrise feeling removed from the rest of the world, in the care of locals of Santa Isabel, who all have common ancestry. Enjoy unique traditional dance, the vanishing lake, numerous skull shines, bird and crocodile watching, kayaking and panpipe concerts.

Flights to Suavanao depart from Honiara (60 minutes flight) and Seghe (40 minutes flight).