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Solomon Airlines domestic schedule for Honiara curfew

Posted on December 03, 2021 at 07:30 AM in Schedule Updates

Solomon Airlines has announced the details of a revised domestic schedule for flights operating during the peak holiday period from 6 December to 16 January 2022.

The airline has introduced widespread changes to flight times through December to mid-January, in response to the nightly curfew in Honiara.  The new schedule is now live on Solomon Airlines website.

“As it isn’t clear how long the curfew will be in place, we needed to plan accordingly to ensure certainty for the travelling public,” said Colin Sigimanu Manager Commercial for Solomon Airlines.

“We have had to make considerable adjustments to the timings of most flights to ensure that we can adhere to the curfew between 7pm-6am, and also allow adequate time for returning passengers to travel to their homes in Honiara,” he said.

The new schedule includes a review of flights to 22 Solomon Airlines domestic destinations.

“We have based this schedule as closely as possible to our previous operations with the necessary timing adjustments to accommodate the curfew requirements,” Mr Sigimanu said.

“We will also do our best to contact any affected passengers with their new flight timings using the contact details that we have been provided.

“This is why it is always very important that all travellers provide Solomon Airlines with a mobile number contact so that we can easily reach them in case of any flight changes,” he added.

Solomon Airlines said any passengers who are currently booked to travel, are welcome to contact the airline’s Reservations team to reconfirm their flight check-in time under the new schedule.

Solomon Airlines’ Reservations team can be contacted on 177 (local call) or by emailing [email protected]


Solomon Airlines new schedule effective from Monday 6 December includes the following key features:

  • Daily services between Honiara, Munda and Gizo including Saturday and Sunday services, two services from Honiara to Munda and three services to Gizo each Monday, and two services daily to Gizo each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Daily services each weekday between Honiara and Auki
  • Four services weekly on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between Honiara and Kirakira
  • Four services weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday between Honiara and Santa Cruz
  • Four services weekly with daily departures Tuesday through Friday between Honiara and Rennell
  • Three services weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between Honiara and Choiseul Bay (via Gizo) and Monday, Wednesday and Friday between Honiara and Fera
  • Twice weekly services on Monday and Thursday between Honiara and Atoifi
  • Tuesday and Thursday services between Honiara and Bellona
  • Tuesday and Friday services between Honiara and Parasi
  • Twice weekly services on Monday and Friday between Honiara and the popular Iumi Tugeda Holidays destinations of Seghe, Kagau, Marau, and Suavanao

Once a week flights will also operate between:

  • Honiara and Manaoba, Honiara and Santa Ana, Honiara and Ballalae (via Gizo) on Tuesdays
  • Honiara and Lomlom on Wednesdays
  • Honiara and Arona on Thursdays
  • Honiara and Ramata on Fridays

Previous domestic schedule update to 5 December 2021 here

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