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Important Travel Advice Identification - Domestic Flights within Solomon Islands

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Solomon Airlines announces new domestic schedule

Posted on March 02, 2020 at 05:00 PM in Schedule Updates

Solomon Airlines has announced new domestic schedules pledging greater reliability, maintaining schedules to Seghe and increasing air access to Western Province destinations including Munda, Gizo, Choiseul Bay,Ballalae and Mono.

Effective from 3 May to 24 October, 2020, Solomon Airlines' new schedule is a result of reassignment of the airline’s Dash-8-100 and DHC-6-300 Twin Otter aircraft types.

Solomon Airlines operates to 23 domestic destinations using four Twin Otter aircraft and a single Dash 8. The airline has recently signed an agreement to purchase a further Twin Otter to join the fleet in 2020.

“We are confident that our new timetable will improve Solomon Airlines domestic operations considerably and will also pave the road for the growth of Munda as a second hub so that we can easily connect international flights with domestic services to Western Province destinations,” said Colin Sigimanu Manager Commercial for Solomon Airlines.

“Our focus has been to reorganise our fleet utilisation to ensure reliable services for our business and leisure passengers and to also support tourism development,” Mr Sigimanu added.

Under the new schedule, the airline will dedicate its Dash 8-100 aircraft to exclusively serve Munda and Gizo.  One of its Twin Otter aircraft will also be permanently based at Munda Airport.  

“While strategically we are taking into account what is needed to most benefit national tourism development via our second hub at Munda, we also understand that it is vital to Solomon Islanders to be able to rely upon published flight schedules and to travel easily between our islands and Provinces,” he said.

“All airlines from time to time experience interruptions outside of their control such as bad weather and unscheduled maintenance matters. We are committed to improving our fleet and schedule integrity so that published services can continue to operate year-round with minimal disruption.“

New features under Solomon Airlines new schedule include:

• Daily services linking Seghe and Honiara
• Connections to/from International Airbus A320 services to Choiseul Bay, Ballalae and Mono 
• Increased frequency to Kirakira, Santa Cruz, Rennell, Bellona and Auki (operated by Twin Otter aircraft)
• Three flights weekly to Kirakira
• Three flights weekly to Santa Cruz operated by Dash 8-100 aircraft with a 4th service continuing to Lom Lom
• Five direct flights weekly to Rennell with further two services to Bellona, offering daily options to Rennell

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