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Solomon Airlines announces more flights to Australia and return of Brisbane-Munda

Posted on August 07, 2023 at 10:00 AM in Schedule Updates

Solomon Airlines has announced an immediate expansion of services between Solomon Islands and Australia from October 2023, following the arrival of the airline’s second international aircraft last week.

Commencing from 2 October, the Solomon Islands national carrier will increase flight frequency between Brisbane and Honiara to five flights weekly with departure times adjusted to suit increasing demand from leisure travellers.

Solomon Airlines’ popular direct flights from Brisbane to Munda in the Western Province will also be reinstated with new domestic connections to other leisure destinations including Gizo, Seghe and Suavanao. 

Construction of the SBD$60 million Munda International Airport Terminal Building is due for completion by the end of September under the Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project (SIRAP). 

Prior to the Covid Pandemic, Solomon Airlines had introduced direct international flights from Brisbane to Munda in 2019 opening a second international gateway to increase visitation to the Western Province.

“The timing is very important. Our decision to invest in additional aircraft capacity now for Solomon Airlines, ahead of the Pacific Games in the short term and combined with our country’s improving aviation infrastructure will bring lasting economic benefit to Solomon Islands and beyond,” said Solomon Airlines CEO Gus Kraus.

Effective from 2 October, 2023 highlights of Solomon Airlines new international schedule include:

  • Brisbane to Honiara frequency increased to 5 x weekly
  • Monday afternoon Flight IE700 from Honiara to Brisbane reinstated
  • A new Brisbane to Honiara service introduced on Sundays as Flight IE707 departing at 12.05pm, allowing same day domestic connections from throughout Australia and arrival in Honiara to position ahead of the working week
  • Restart of Saturday flights from Brisbane direct to Munda Flight IE715 Brisbane-Munda-Honiara, and adjustment of Solomon Airlines domestic schedule to allow for same day transit from Munda to other leisure destinations including Gizo, Seghe and Suavanao
  • Monday Flight IE722 from Honiara to Port Vila and onwards to Auckland will depart Honiara earlier at 9.00am

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