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New Solomon Airlines International Schedules Offer Same Day Domestic Connectivity

Posted on February 11, 2016 at 10:29 AM in Schedule Updates

Honiara, Solomon Islands – New Solomon Airlines flight schedules operational from 25 April 2016 have been structured to allow passengers departing on the carrier’s international services ex-Australia and the Solomon Islands same day through-connectivity to the national carrier’s extensive domestic network.

As part of the new scheduled timings, passengers flying on the airline’s Brisbane and Sydney to Honiara have ample time to connect with Solomon Airlines scheduled domestic services.

The same applies to passengers departing from domestic ports within the Solomon Islands who now can connect directly to Brisbane and Sydney services departing from Honiara with the exception of the Wednesday Honiara-Brisbane IE 700 service.

While Solomon Airlines’ domestic services does not link with the Wednesday service ex-Honiara to Brisbane which departs from Honiara at 0700, the return service ex-Brisbane departing at 1015 and arriving in Honiara at 1430 does allow for timely connection into all Solomon Airlines domestic ports.

The new schedules dovetail with the return of Solomon Airlines’ flagship Airbus A320, which will return to full service on 25 April following standard Airbus biannual maintenance in Singapore.

The new schedules will operate as follows:

Monday - Flight IE 701
Departing Brisbane       1000
Arriving Honiara             1415
Monday - Flight IE 710
Departing Honiara         1515
Arriving Sydney            1930


Tuesday - Flight IE 711
Departing Sydney         0915
Arriving Honiara            1400




Wednesday - Flight IE 700
Departing Honiara         0700
Arriving Brisbane           0915
Wednesday - Flight IE 701
Departing Brisbane         1015
Arriving Honiara             1430


Thursday - Flight 700
Departing Honiara         1200
Arriving Brisbane           1415




Friday - Flight IE 701   
Departing Brisbane       0855
Arriving Honiara            1310
 Friday - Flight IE 700
 Departing Honiara         1415
Arriving Brisbane          1630


Saturday - Flight IE 701
Departing Brisbane    0900
Arriving Honiara         1315
Saturday - Flight IE 702 
 Departing Honiara      1415
Arriving Port Vila        1615
Saturday - Flight IE 702
Departing Port Vila     1700 
Arriving Nadi              1930
Sunday - Flight IE 703 
Departing Nadi         0900
Arriving Port Vila      0930
Sunday - Flight IE 703
Departing Port Vila     1015
Arriving Honiara          1215
Sunday - Flight IE 700
Departing Honiara        1315
Arriving Brisbane         1530

For further information telephone the following:

  • Solomon Airlines Australian Office - telephone toll free on 1300 894311 or + 61 3860 5883.
  • Solomon Islands Travel Centre Honiara – telephone + 677 20152

Released on behalf of Solomon Airlines by Mike Parker-Brown

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