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Solomons Surfboard Run kicks off in Sydney

Posted on February 26, 2020 at 01:31 PM in General News

It was boarding galore at Manly Beach last weekend when surfers and families from across Sydney donated unwanted surfboards to the first-ever 'Solomons Surfboard Run'.  

With the support of Solomon Airlines, the campaign to collect surplus quality boards for kids in the Solomon Islands is the initiative of a group of mates - Tim Quinn, Shane Mclachlan, Aaron Amavisca, and Ian Warren – all avid surfers from Sydney's Northern Beaches.

"Because access to decent surfboards is challenging for kids in the Solomon Islands we hatched a plan to help," said Tim.

"We approached Solomon Airlines to ask if they could help, and after they agreed to fly the boards to Gizo, our plan was real!" he said.

"Ian travels frequently to the Solomons and noticed that many of the young surfers and kids there don’t have surfboards or equipment, so the idea emerged to begin the 'Solomon's Surfboard Run in support of the Western Solomon’s Surfers Association.

The first collection of boards and surfing equipment took place on Manly Beach, Sydney with many pledges of equipment already received. 

The team, together with The Queenscliff Board Riders Club will continue to put the call out across Sydney. Solomon Airlines will fly the first 30 boards to Gizo in April. The Solomon's Surfboard Run team will also film their project from donation of the boards in Sydney to Munda, to presentation of the boards and tips for budding surfers in Gizo, Solomon Islands.

"If anyone has a spare board in the garage, or one the kids left when they moved out, we'd love to give it a new life and owner in the Solomon Islands, " Tim Quinn added. To donate a surfboard or equipment contact Tim Quinn on [email protected]

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