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Extra airline seats between Honiara and Vanuatu, Nauru and Brisbane

Posted on November 14, 2023 at 04:00 PM in General News

With teams now arriving daily in Honiara from 24 countries, and over 5000 athletes, officials and spectators flying into Honiara this month, Solomon Airlines has released extra seats to cater for last minute demand from travellers wanting to attend SOL2023, alongside return travel options.

“There is unprecedented interest in being in Honiara for the Pacific Games, which is very exciting, and while many passengers booked months ahead, there is a wave of last minute demand,” said Solomon Airlines Acting CEO Mr Napoleon Padabela.

“Working with partners such as Nauru Airlines, Solomon Airlines now has extra seats available for sale from Brisbane, Port Vila and Nauru to and from Honiara for the Pacific Games period,” he said.

“We are asking people to spread the word that airline seats are available, so that noone misses out on this historic event.  Some people may believe they have missed the opportunity,” Mr Padabela added.

Solomon Airlines said as of 14th November, the following flights to and from Honiara have seats available. Book via flysolomons.com or for further assistance, contact Solomon Airline Reservations team on 177 within Solomon Islands, or via email [email protected]

Port Vila to Honiara

  • 21st Nov – Port Vila- Honiara IE723
  • 28th Nov – Port Vila- Honiara IE723                              
  • 5th Dec – Port Vila- Honiara IE723    

Honiara to Port Vila

  • 20th Nov – Honiara to Port Vila IE722
  • 27th Nov – Honiara to Port Vila IE722

Nauru  to Honiara

  • 26th Nov – Nauru- Honiara IE621

Honiara to Nauru

  • 26th Nov – Honiara – Nauru IE620                

Honiara to Brisbane

  • 15th Nov – Honiara-Brisbane IE700
  • 16th Nov - Honiara-Brisbane IE700
  • 16th Nov – Honiara-Brisbane IE606
  • 16th Nov – Honiara-Brisbane IE693
  • 17th Nov – Honiara-Brisbane IE618
  • 17th Nov – Honiara-Brisbane IE700
  • 19th Nov - Honiara-Brisbane IE706
  • 20th Nov – Honiara-Brisbane IE700
  • 21st Nov – Honiara-Brisbane IE706
  • 22nd Nov – Honiara-Brisbane IE700
  • 24th Nov - Honiara-Brisbane IE700
  • 26th Nov – Honiara-Brisbane IE622
  • 26th Nov – Honiara-Brisbane IE608
  • 27th Nov - Honiara-Brisbane IE700
  • 28th Nov – Honiara-Brisbane IE706
  • 29th Nov – Honiara-Brisbane IE700                                                                           

Brisbane to Honiara                                                               

  • 16th Nov – Brisbane-Honiara IE605
  • 18th Nov – Brisbane-Honiara IE701
  • 19th Nov – Brisbane-Honiara IE707
  • 20th Nov – Brisbane-Honiara IE701
  • 22nd Nov – Brisbane-Honiara IE701
  • 24th Nov – Brisbane-Honiara IE700
  • 25th Nov – Brisbane-Honiara IE607
  • 25th Nov - Brisbane-Honiara IE701
  • 26th Nov – Brisbane-Honiara IE707
  • 27th Nov - Brisbane-Honiara IE701
  • 29th Nov - Brisbane-Honiara IE701
  • 1st Dec - Brisbane-Honiara IE701
  • 2nd Dec - Brisbane-Honiara IE701
  • 3rd Dec - Brisbane-Honiara IE707
  • 3rd Dec - Brisbane-Honiara IE697
  • 4th Dec - Brisbane-Honiara IE701
  • 4th Dec - Brisbane-Honiara IE623
  • 6th Dec - Brisbane-Honiara IE701

The 2023 17th Pacific Games will feature 24 sports competitions staged across 11 Games Venues over a two-week duration. Some competitions, start this Friday 17th November, prior to the 19th November Sol2023 Opening Ceremony.

For full details of the Pacific Games Sporting Schedule click here

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