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Solomon Airlines partnership to boost Canadian labour mobility

Posted on December 07, 2023 at 03:00 PM in General News

National carrier Solomon Airlines has entered into an agreement with the Canadian International Training & Education Corp (CITREC) as part of its efforts to support Solomon Islands bid to increase Education, Training and Labour mobility partnership in Canada.

This new arrangement between the national airline and CITREC will see increased  air traffic between Solomon Airlines and its interline partners connecting Solomon Islands nationals to their travels to Canada.

At a historic event in Honiara today, Solomon Islands  national carrier and CITREC signed a Memorandum of Understanding establishing a joint partnership that will make air travel easier for Solomon Islands nationals selected for seasonal employment, and those selected under the Canadian permanent residency program between Solomon Islands and supported by Canadian employers and government in Canada.

Under this arrangement Solomon Airlines will facilitate special airfares for Canadian employers under its labour mobility and Permanent Residency program arrangement.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the airline and CITREC also extends to offering special fares for group travel in partnership with Air Vanuatu and Air New Zealand on Solomon Airlines Honiara-Port Vila-Auckland route.

Options for Solomon Airlines charter flights, also complement the arrangement allowing Canadian employers seeking a larger number of workers to consider a chartered flight.

“This is a significant arrangement which will help us all, and we are pleased to be partners,” said Napoleon Padabela, Acting CEO of Solomon Airlines.

“It will benefit our airline, it will benefit more Solomon Islanders who are job ready under the CITREC program and seeking opportunities with Canadian employers and it will make things easier for Canadian businesses looking to employ workers from the Solomon Islands under the Canadian labour mobility program,” he said.

“Under the Canadian labour mobility program, we are anticipating the number of passengers flying with us to increase during the years ahead and  we at Solomon Airlines are committed to providing the support to Canadian employers to help increase and support labour mobility partnership with Solomon Islands,” he added.

Mr Ashwant Dwivedi, Chairman & President of the Canadian International Training & Education Corp said that the air fares arrangement with the national carrier is a significant boost for those Canadian employers who have been seeking job ready CITREC Solomon nationals as part of its work force, but had placed a temporary hold on plans due to the high cost of airline fares from Solomon Islands.

Mr. Dwivedi said that  Solomon Airlines partnership opens new opportunities for Canadian employers.

“Since the inception of the Canadian Labour Mobility program, one of the major challenges has been accommodating the cost of international airfares,” Mr Dwivedi said.

“We were looking at options in trying to reduce cost, especially after COVID. Today we have bridged that gap through our partnership with Solomon Airlines,” he said.

“This is an opportunity that will help boost the presence of Solomon islands nationals in Canada’s employment sector, working closely with Canadian employers,” he added.

CITREC is presently offering its education and training program in the Solomon Islands which has seen its graduates being job ready and employed across many sectors in Canada.

Canadian labour mobility programme has also provided unmatched opportunity under the Permanent Resident nomination program. This has seen Solomon nationals receiving their Canadian permanent residency status in Canada while employed under various seasonal employment programs. 

“Canadian employers are looking at significantly increasing its labour mobility numbers from the Solomon Islands and now with Solomon Airlines support, Solomon Islands will have a greater opportunity to promote itself among Canadian employers,” Mr Dwivedi added.

“In the past one year alone, 14 persons from Solomon Islands have received Canadian Permanent Residence status.

“This unmatched opportunity of permanent residency offered to Solomon Islands nationals under labour mobility partnership with Canada, will only grow to the benefit of Solomon Islanders and this benefit would also mean more opportunity for Solomon Airlines in terms of passenger movement through the partnership we have signed today,” he said.

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