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Solomon Airlines expands online flight booking capability between all destinations in the Solomon Islands

Posted on September 15, 2021 at 10:45 AM in General News

  • Improved booking capability between all Domestic destinations
  • New feature for bookings with Solomon Islands displaying SBD total
  • 53% increase in online bookings

Solomon Airlines has made adjustments to the airline’s website to make it easier for people to book multi-sector travel within the Solomon Islands.

Effective immediately, passengers booking between any two destinations for travel via Honiara will be able to book online, including when an overnight is required.

“We want to encourage more people to use our website as it is the most convenient way to book flights for those who have access to book and pay by credit card, ” said Colin Sigimanu, Manager Commercial for Solomon Airlines.

“But we realise that it can take some getting used to, to book flights yourself online, and we are looking at ways to make it even easier,” he said.

“Particularly at this time of COVID-19 related international border closures, our team have been actively working on improvements to our website, stepping through procedures looking through the eyes of our customers.

“We have the opportunity to do this now in a quieter time and to prepare for the future when more people are confident to travel, and when international visitors are again permitted,” he added.

“Previously if travel plans required two flights, but travel in a single day was not possible, the two sectors of that journey needed to be searched and two bookings made and paid for as separate flights, “ said Mr. Sigimanu.

“Now, it is possible to book the entire itinerary in a single booking and transaction.  A passenger travelling for example from Munda to Kirakira on a Thursday, when we don’t have a same-day connection, would overnight in Honiara.  That used to require several steps and separate bookings.

“The whole process has been streamlined and can be booked easily, no different to Mondays when it is possible to book same day connecting flights in one transaction”

Mr. Sigimanu confirmed the airline is also planning to introduce changes to enable payment online in additional currencies early next year.  Currently, online bookings can only be paid for in Australian dollars AUD.

“In the second quarter of 2021, our online domestic flight transaction volume was 53% higher than the first quarter. Only two months into the third quarter that has already been surpassed,” he said.

“It is a case of continual improvement and for now, the shift to online sales is very positive,” he added.

“We have also introduced an interim feature on the booking screen which displays the equivalent total in SBD underneath the AUD amount. This will make it easier for our local population to understand the total price of their domestic flight in our own currency until payment in SBD is also possible through our website,” he said.

Solomon Airlines advises that all domestic scheduled flights can now be booked online with a credit card via the airline’s website - www.flysolomons.com 

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