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Solomon Airlines expands Iumi Tugeda Holidays to Guadalcanal

Posted on April 24, 2023 at 07:00 AM in General News

Solomon Airlines has announced a further, significant expansion of the airline’s ‘Iumi Tugeda Holidays’ program to include more operators in Guadalcanal Province and the addition of Honiara and Central, West, and North West Guadalcanal holiday options.

The discount holiday program offers a wide range of travel opportunities across Solomon Islands, now with 17 participating tourism operators.

The new range of ‘Iumi Tugeda Holidays’ packages flying into Honiara has been added from Seghe, Munda, Gizo, Suavanao and Santa Cruz.

Five Guadalcanal properties have joined the program, as part of the expansion including Holidays Resort, Pacific Crown Hotel, Parangiju Mountain Lodge, Doma Cove Beach Bungalow and Kaptains Point Gateway.

“We are continually looking at how we can expand the program to broaden the benefits for local residents, the private sector and tourism operators, whilst also appealing to our international inbound travellers,” said Solomon Airlines CEO Mr Gus Kraus.

“An objective of the Iumi Tugeda Holidays program is to spread domestic tourism throughout our provinces, by offering attractive discounted holiday packages and this is working well.

“It is therefore a natural extension of the program to make it easier and affordable for people from other provinces to take their holidays with our local tourism operators in Honiara and Guadalcanal,” he said.

“We encourage those with friends and families living in our Provinces to visit Guadalcanal and make the most of the chance to spend quality time together discovering new areas and catching up with family and friends at the same time,” he added.

“Iumi Tugeda has also enjoyed support from the public service sector,” he added.

“During border closures due to Covid-19 which hit our tourism industry hard, many public servants utilised their annual leave entitlements to travel on Iumi Tugeda Holiday packages, which was very welcome indeed,” he said.

“As we continue to develiop the program, we have joined with Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Public Service and Tourism Solomons, to look at ways to again make it possible for public service officers to be able to use the package during their holidays,” he said.    

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