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Solomon Airlines apologises for domestic schedule disruptions

Posted on September 08, 2023 at 11:15 AM in General News

Solomon Airlines has apologised to passengers for current domestic schedule disruptions while the airline performs an engine change on its 36 seat Dash-8 aircraft (H4-SOL).

The national carrier’s largest domestic aircraft is expected to be back in service by 22 September to resume its regular flying schedule.

“We regret any inconvenience to passengers as we keep the aircraft out of service for an unplanned engine replacement,“ said Mr Napolean Padabela, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Solomon Airlines.

“With one aircraft temporarily out of our fleet, this causes a flow-on effect in our domestic operations, however safety is our number one priority.  During regular engine scheduled maintenance checks, we detected an issue which needed examination and as a result, we have determined an engine change is necessary,” he said.

“With Standard Aero, our Dash 8 engine maintenance contractor, we are now seeking a replacement engine, which is somewhat difficult in the current market, however we are confident of having a solution soon.

“In the meantime, to help support our planned schedule, our Twin Otter H4-NNP has returned from Port Vila and we will be operating our domestic schedule with three Twin Otter aircraft until the Dash-8 aircraft can be returned to service,” Mr Padabela added.

Solomon Airlines confirmed that during regular scheduled maintenance checks and testing carried out on the Dash 8 engine, results showed the presence of small metal filings within the oil used in the engine lubrication system, indicating excessive wear on an engine part. The airline removed the aircraft from service to identify the source and assess a solution.

“This is why airlines strictly schedule and perform regular engine checks according to a manufacturer’s mandated instructions. Engine replacements are part of maintenance over time, and we will replace this engine as soon as possible and return the aircraft to service,” Mr Padabela said.

“We apologise to any of our passengers who may have experienced a change or delay to their flight, during this process, however safety is our number one priority,” he added.

Solomon Airlines latest schedules can be checked online here..

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