Malaita Province

Malaita consists of one main island to the east of Guadalcanal and to the east there are small atolls – including Ontong Java and Sikiana – who's main inhabitants are Polynesian.

While visiting this province, you must see the man-made islands near Auki, from here you can also take a one hour motorised canoe ride which will take you back in time to see and experience century-old cultures of the people of the Langalanga Lagoon. Malaita is also the home of the traditional shell money – which is still in circulation here.

Malaita is also famous for the haunting sound of its unique panpipe bands – especially those on Are Are Lagoon – you can also see regular performances in Honiara and some other places throughout the Solomons.

Some villages, especially those up in the mountains, are difficult to access; it’s a deep and fascinating world and, despite its huge potential, tourism is yet to take off here.

Provincial Capital: Auki
Population: 122,620
Airport: Auki (AKS), Atoifi (ATD), Afutara (AFT)
Seaport: Auki is the main port. Ferry services stop at a number of villages