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Solomon Airlines Announces Planned Maintenance for Dash 8

Posted on February 22, 2016 at 11:19 AM in General News

Honiara, Solomon Islands - Solomon Airlines advised today its Dash 8 aircraft will be taken temporarily out of service from 01- 31 March 2016 as part of a scheduled maintenance program.

Solomon Airlines’ General Manager Operations & Commercial, Gus Kraus said the Dash 8 will be transported to Cairns, Far North Queensland, where the planned maintenance, scheduled to take place every 5,000 flying hours, is to be carried out.

Mr Kraus said the maintenance program would also provide a great opportunity to change all existing seat covers and passenger cabin carpet as well as undergoing a complete internal and external touch up repaint scheme.

The airline plans to have the Dash 8 ready to resume full service on Thursday, 31 March 2016.

In the interim period, the airline’s fleet of Twin Otters and Islanders will handle the Dash 8’s work load and there are plans to bring in another Twin Otter to support the fleet during the Dash 8 absence.

 “We trust this scheduled maintenance operation won’t have too much impact on our valued customers,” Mr Kraus said.

“But we do need to reiterate that the Dash 8 scheduled service is part of Solomon Airlines’ stringent safety culture and paramount to the safety of each and every one of our passengers, business associates and crew.”

Mr Kraus encouraged passengers and business associates who have any questions to contact Solomon Airlines via the airline’s 177  dedicated toll free number or the Honiara sales office on 20152 or 20031.

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