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Airbus to resume flights

Posted on January 26, 2015 at 05:47 PM in General News

After much anticipation, Solomon Airlines' Airbus A320 will resume operation. Currenlty undergoing maintenance in Nadi, the aircraft will make it's return IE703 flight early on Tuesday morning. Below is the revised schedule:


IE703 (SUN-delayed)                                        NAN-VLI               0745-0815

IE703 (SUN-delayed)                                        VLI-HIR                 0900-1100        

IE700 (ontime)                                                 HIR-BNE               1200-1415            



IE701 (ontime)                                                BNE-HIR               1000-1415            

IE 9046 (MON-delayed)                                   HIR-NAN               1515-1915

IE 9047  (MON-delayed)                                  NAN-HIR                2015-2215

The public is advised to contact us if more information is needed.

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